Thorough assessment and personalised therapy plans

Healthy Food

Eating drinking swallowing

Assessment and treatment for people who have difficulties eating, drinking or swallowing. This might be due to an injury to the brain from an accident, or a stroke, or due to a progressive condition such as MS, Parkinson's or dementia.
I can provide recommendations on safe eating and drinking, to reduce the risk of aspiration (food or fluid going down the wrong way and into airway/lungs).
For more complex cases I can refer on for specialist investigation of the swallowing function.

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Problems with your voice

Assessment and therapy for individuals with voice problems (dysphonia) which may be caused by reflux, structural problems in the larynx (voicebox), stress, overuse or misuse of your voice. I work closely with local ENT consultants and other healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists or mental health specialists.

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Communication support for transgender people 

Help with creating and sustaining your authentic voice and communication style, in line with your sense of self.